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Winter is going out with a bang.

Mike Hall Snow 02-17-15 01 small.jpg

The first and probably only significant snowfall I have seen in Hancock County, Kentucky this season. I measured only 4.5 inches at home, but areas a few miles south measured 6 inches or more. A bit farther south, 10 inches or more have been reported. This is just a drop in the bucket compared to what they received in the northeast, but places like Boston are also better equipped to handle snow than we are in western Kentucky. The storm impacted us severely enough for the governor to declare a state of emergency.

Anticipating a much larger snowfall, I set up my camera to shoot a time lapse. From 9:30pm on Sunday (2/15), I shot one exposure every 5 minutes until 3:30pm the next day (18 hours total). The short video is below. You can get a better feel for how much snow fell by the small branch lying on the ground in the middle of the video.

Unfortunately, it is a very fine, dry snow so I doubt any snowmen will pop up on the streets of Lewisport this week. Another 1-2 inches are expected on Tuesday night (2/17) with possibly freezing rain this weekend. Be safe out there folks. Winter is raging against the dying of the light this year.

Mike Hall Snow 02-17-15 02 small.jpg
Mike Hall Snow 02-17-15 03 small.jpg

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