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There is ALWAYS something to shoot.

Mike Hall Bird 02-18-15 01 small.jpg

I love Winter. I love it even though it means that you sometimes can't go out to get photos because the roads are too bad or it is just too dangerously cold. With temperatures here near or below zero for several days, I challenged myself to capture interesting images without leaving home. Over the last 3 days, I've spent several hours in front of the window and shot over 2000 exposures.

Even with the bad weather, the outdoors have been alive with activity. Birds and squirrels have been out in force, digging into the snow for food. Sprinkling some food onto the snow brought them exactly where I wanted. Photographing them through the windows is a bit of a challenge. Any extra glass between your lens and your subject is going to affect the quality of your images. All you can do is clean it as best you can and shoot a lot. Keeping all light sources in the room turned off can help eliminate annoying reflections.

Mike Hall Squirrel 02-20-15 01 small.jpg

In order to freeze the movement of the birds, I used between a 1/1250 & a 1/3000 shutter speed. Since I wanted to use an aperture of around f/11 because of the brightness of the snow, I actually had to bump the ISO up to 400. I was using a Sigma 70-300 F/4 zoom lens. I shot several exposures handheld, but a monopod made shooting a lot more comfortable after being there for long periods of time.

I see posts on social media all the time with photographers complaining that they can't find anything to shoot. There is always something to shoot if you look hard enough.

Mike Hall Squirrel 02-19-15 01 small.jpg
Mike Hall Bird 02-19-15 01 small.jpg
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