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Fun on the set of "Volumes of Blood"

VoB Book Cover.jpg

My blog this past Monday was about shooting behind the scenes of Volumes of Blood, which premieres tonight. As I prepare to head out before the premiere, I thought it would be nice to show some images that tell the story about how much fun we all actually had on set. Although we all take our work very seriously, it is important to not take yourselves too seriously. To me, the fun is half the motivation to work on a project like this.

For me, tonight is as much about documenting the premiere as it is enjoying the hard work that we have all put into this project. I hope to make a fully captioned coffee table style photo book of this project with premiere & design photos included. Because the cost of print books can be high, I also plan on making a digital download available as well. This may be a few months down the road however. I will shut up now and let the photos speak for me. Be sure to follow the Volumes of Blood Facebook page or my own photo page for possible ways to see the film in the future.

DSC_9471 B&W.jpg
DSC_9950 B&W.jpg
DSC_9541 B&W.jpg
DSC_6761 B&W.jpg
DSC_6242 B&W.jpg
DSC_5899 B&W.jpg
DSC_5807 B&W.jpg
DSC_5706 B&W.jpg
DSC_5620 B&W.jpg
DSC_5595 B&W.jpg
DSC_5423 B&W.jpg
DSC_4758 B&W.jpg
DSC_3565 B&W.jpg
DSC_2819 B&W.jpg


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