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"Volumes of Blood" Premiere

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Friday, the 13th of March, 2015 is one that I'll never forget. Volumes of Blood premiered at the Owensboro Convention Center. Thousands of man/woman hours of hard work by dozens of talented locals both in front of and behind the camera was completed for the world to see. Between 350 & 375 people packed the room. All proceeds were donated to New Beginnings Sexual Assault Support Services.


I was thrilled that the ending was a complete surprise for me. Being on set every night, I didn't think that would be possible. Since each short of the anthology was shot separately, it was really the first time that everyone involved in the film had the opportunity to get together. There were only a handful of us present for every night of shooting. It was great seeing many faces that I had not seen in a while.

I believe plans are in motion for future local screenings. Be sure to follow the Volumes of Blood Twitter & Facebook pages for details. I don't know if I'll be able to follow it to any cons or conventions myself, but I look forward to seeing photos and hearing stories from anyone who comes across the film throughout the year and beyond.

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I kind of have a feeling of post partum depression about the film now. It's very bittersweet. Sure, I still have a photo book to work on, which won't be released until a while after the DVD, but other than that, my job is pretty much done. The silver lining is that it allows me some down time for a back surgery and recovery before we get too far into the Spring storm season, at least I hope I'm recovered before things get too active.



Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely HATE using a camera flash. I'm a natural lighting sort of guy. When it comes to shooting in natural light however, the convention center is much harder to shoot than even the Daviess County Public Library was. That, combined with the knowledge that I had no video camera to worry about getting in the way of, and I caved in and used a flash. Being that I hate flash so much, I have little experience using it. It's like asking someone who hates water to go to the beach.

Looking at this film and premiere as a photo shoot, this project has now become the single largest photography project I have ever completed. I want to thank everyone who worked on the film for their kind words about my work and for putting up with me shoving a camera in their face for the past several months. I was not the only on set photographer for this project however. Adam Paris of AP Imagery was on set several nights as well. Be sure to check out his Facebook page. He & I share a love for old condemned structures. He does some great work.

I also need to thank P.J. Starks for giving me the opportunity to get some real on set experience and to help me overcome some my social awkwardness. I can be quite a recluse, ask anyone. I can be more comfortable and calm sitting in a car with lightning striking 50 yards away or driving toward a tornado warned storm than in a crowd of people. I couldnt have asked for a better group of people to work with though. If given the opportunity, I'd do it all again...hopefully without the herniated disc next time though...that $h!t hurts.

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