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A "Flood" of new photos

Mike Hall Flood 03-16-15 02 small.jpg

Spring floods are no new thing here. Occasionally though, one affects daily life enough to be remembered. The recent flooding on the Ohio River here in both Hancock & Daviess Counties in KY have been more than just a minor inconvenience. Record snowfall and heavy rains have been too much for the river to contain.

The flooding, combined with having the main route from Lewisport to Owensboro being reduced to one lane in two locations for road construction, makes matters worse. Why Highway 60 is four lanes from Lewisport to Hawesville, and from Maceo to Owensboro but not between Lewisport and Maceo is a mystery to me.

Mike Hall Flood 03-13-15 01 small.jpg

This is far from being the worst flooding we have experienced here. The worst ever recorded was the 1937 flood, but that was a bit before my time. The worst one I experienced personally was the 1997 flood. Lewisport basically became an island that year. The main road into town has been raised higher since then, so it would possibly take another '37 flood to go over it this time.

The gulls and ducks are finding it no inconvenience at all. Thousands of them have paid us a visit over the last couple of weeks, enjoying the easy pickings of the fish in the flood waters. I've seen more wildlife on the move lately, moving to higher ground.

Mike Hall Gull 03-13-15 01 B&W small.jpg

To me, the flooding signals Spring and the impending storm season. I hope mother nature saves enough action for me for after my disc surgery. I may get a chance at some lightning before the surgery as well. I hope so. It's been too long.

Mike Hall Flood 03-13-15 04 small.jpg

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