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Spring is Here!

Mike Hall 2015 Lightning 008 small.jpg

This week, I was given my first storm of the Spring season. It's been months since I felt the rumble of thunder and I've missed it. Lightning will always be my favorite subject to photograph. I love severe weather so much that it inspired me to create two Facebook groups dedicated to weather photography.

The first group, "To Hail And Back" is of course, named after my Facebook photo page of the same name. Anyone can join and post their own weather related photos from anywhere in the world. I only ask that you keep the comments fairly clean. Don't post or say anything you wouldn't post or say in front of a child.


The second group is called Storm Photography Across Rural Kentucky, or simply S.P.A.R.K. Anyone can join, but all photos posted MUST be shot in Kentucky. You can be looking across the border, but you have to be either standing on Kentucky soil or flying over Kentucky airspace at the moment you shot the photo.

PLEASE read the rules in the description before requesting to join either group. You can promote your page or website, but ONLY in the description or comments sections of a weather related photo post. Spammers will be blocked and banned. POST ONLY YOUR OWN PHOTOS. Photographers of all skill levels are welcome. Please include a rough date, time, and location with your photos as well.

Mike Hall 2015 Lightning 002 small.jpg

As for the photos posted in this blog, they were all shot either in the late evening of March 25th or the early morning of March 26th in Lewisport, KY. The shots over the Ohio River were shot before midnight with a 70-300mm lens. After the first wave, I decided to relocate back home for the second round. Rain was ahead of the second round of storms, so I wanted to set up in a better and drier location.

For the shoot at home, I was using 3 different cameras in 3 different locations. The image at the very bottom of this post is proof that you do not need expensive gear to get good photos. It was shot with a Canon SX130 point and shoot. You can get a used version of this camera on eBay for less than $40...not that I would, but it allowed me to cover more sky by running it along with my DSLRs.

Mike Hall 2015 Lightning 012 small.jpg
Mike Hall 2015 Lightning 001 small.jpg

This will be my last chance at storms before my back surgery. I have plenty of blog ideas in mind however, so keep checking back every Monday and Friday for new posts. If you like what you see, please check out my Facebook page and give it a like. I post photos there daily. Also, please check out my prints page. I change the available prints monthly. All funds raised from print sales go directly toward upgrading my camera equipment. Thank you. See you next week!

Mike Hall 2015 Lightning 004 small.jpg

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