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MikeHall 2015 Lightning 018 small.jpg

This is going to be a short blog since I'm still recovering from my back surgery. I'm getting better each day, so hopefully I'm back to normal soon. I wasn't about to let a little something like back surgery from at least letting me take photos from home. There are storms forecast for Monday through Thursday of next week as well. I can't drive for another 2 and a half weeks, but my cameras and I will be doing our best to document it from home.

Lightning photos are difficult to capture here for two reasons. One, there are a lot of trees so luck comes into play a lot more than in the field. Two, most of the best lightning in this storm was behind very heavy rain.

MikeHall 2015 Lightning 017 small.jpg
MikeHall 2015 Lightning 020 small.jpg

I ordered my first lightning trigger to help me capture daytime lightning shots. I'll do a review of it as soon as I can. Thanks to everyone who has sent me well wishes over the last week. I really appreciate it. Until next time!

MikeHall 2015 Lightning 019 small.jpg

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