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Cabin Fever "Strikes"

MikeHall 2015 Lightning 021 small.jpg

I took last week off from my blog since I am still recovering from my disc surgery. I'm still on the mend, but I want to post at least one blog a week for the next 2-3 weeks just to keep busy. Thanks to everyone who has reached out to me and wished me well. It really helps keep my spirits up.

I may be stuck at home for a while, which keeps me from finding storms, but when a storm finds me, I'm not about to just sit back and let it trespass on my home turf without documenting it. This past week has been a stormy one here in Lewisport. Here at home, I'm limited to 2-3 camera angles for storms because of all the trees. For this latest batch of storms, I was actually running 5 cameras, 2 DSLRs, a mirrorless, a point and shoot, and an outdoor action camera.

MikeHall 2015 Lightning 023 small.jpg
MikeHall 2015 Lightning 026 small.jpg

My favorite shot from this week is below, where I managed to capture the reflection of the lightning in the windshielf of my car.

MikeHall 2015 Lightning 024 small.jpg

For shooting both north and south, I had 2 cameras pointed in each direction, using different f/stops. F/8 for distant lightning shots and F/13 in case a strike creeped up on me unexpectedly. I've lost many a close lightning shot from not using a high enough f/stop.

I am still going through the action camera video so I have none of that to post this time. I did shoot a time lapse of clouds with one of my DSLRs though. You can see that at the very bottom of this post. I'm hoping to be cleared to drive again before the next severe weather outbreak here. If I am, I promise the photos should be even better next time. See you next week.

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