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Limited Edition Print Sale

Mike Hall Signed Print Final Preview.jpg

One of the most violently electrical storms I have ever witnessed happened on September 26th, 2012 in northern Hancock County, Kentucky. The image above is not a stacked or multiple exposure image, but rather a simple 30 second exposure. It holds a spot in my top 5 personal best lightning photos of all time. I recently went back to the original RAW image file and edited a version specifically for this limited edition print sale. It will NEVER be printed again.

If you have ever wanted a chance to own a limited edition signed print of one of my best lightning photos, here is your chance. This edition is on sale for 72 hours only and is limited to a MAXIMUM of 30 prints. Of those 30, only 28 are available for sale. One of the prints is going to a charity auction to benefit my local animal shelter and another print is being given away to help promote the sale. The 11 x 17 prints are $50 each plus $8 S&H in the United States and $16 S&H worldwide. These will be hand numbered and signed prints.

I am selling the prints on eBay as a buy it now listing. I have over 350 transactions on eBay with 100% positive feedback, half of which are as a seller. This allows you to have full buyer protection as well as the option to pay with Paypal or a major credit card.

Mike Hall Artist Proof Print small.jpg

Once the 72 hour sale ends, all the prints will be made at the same time. They will take about a week to reach me. They will then be signed, individually packaged, and shipped to you. If you choose to purchase more than one print, shipping on the additional print to the same address is free. If you live in the Lewisport, KY area and would prefer to pick up your print in person, there will be no shipping charge.

One of the prints will be given away! If you've liked my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter (@ToHailAndBack or @knightd427), I will be doing a daily post about the sale. To enter, simply retweet on Twitter or publicly share on Facebook. There will be one daily post on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday. (May 1-4th). If you follow me on both social media sites, that gives you 8 possible entries! All entries will be assigned a number and a random number generator will select the winner on Tuesday, May 5th.

Photo Print Map Final small.jpg

I've been doing much more volunteer photography than paid work lately and have been putting a lot of wear and tear on my gear. I do this volunteer work gladly, but with money being tight, especially since I'm still recovering from a back surgery, I am wearing out my gear helping others and do not have the funds to replace it. That is where this print sale comes in. Selling all 28 of the prints will ensure I have a functioning camera for several more years.

If you have enjoyed my work over the years and can afford it, I hope you consider purchasing a print or at least sharing my posts with your friends. The sale starts now! Simply click the image to be taken to it, and thanks for the support!

Mike Hall Signed Print Click To Buy.jpg
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