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Drawing Keeps Me Alive

Drawing is a form of meditation for me. It is one of the few activities that can get my mind off my troubles. Drawing portraits of interesting actors or characters from films and TV are some of my favorite subjects.

I normally draw on 14" x 17" paper. Drawings tend to take anywhere between 6-12 hours to complete. I tend to work in 3-4 hour periods. They take on average 3 nights to complete. I like to work in graphite only. I like my drawings to have a monochromatic feel to them. I think that is why I really love B&W photography as well. Color can sometimes distract you from really seeing the subject for what it truly is.

I recently started taking photos of my drawings in stages as I'm drawing them. I mostly do this for myself, but since several people seem to like seeing the stages, I began to show the thumbnails when posting the drawings on social media. While I love photography, I am an artist first. This will never change. I see myself focusing more on drawing for at least the immediate future.

I do drawings on commission as well. I charge $30 per hour for my work. With a 6-12 hour time frame on completing a drawing, that means most of my drawings cost between $180 and $360. You can email me HERE with any questions or inquiries. I require a $100 deposit before drawing begins and the rest of the balance upon delivery.

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