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Mike's "Night Before Christmas" 2016

Twas my night before Christmas, when all through my town It was gloomy and rainy, my face was a frown. The Christmas tree shined and it looked pretty sweet

I had a few drinks as I started to Tweet.

A holiday film and a bottle of booze Made the evening fun and would help me to snooze. I browse on Netflix for a good film to play. "Scrooged" with Bill Murray will be ending my day!

When there on my phone came a shake and a beeping, I picked it up quickly, some people were sleeping! I looked at the post, my eyes started to roll. Today of all days, it's an internet troll?

I went to his profile so that I can block This waste of good oxygen, a loud mouthed cock. It's time to relax and enjoy a good movie. The scenes with Bob Goldthwait, they are very groovy.

Murray's Character, very brash and boastful, He fires poor Goldthwait, who later goes postal. I tweet my bad jokes, sounding like a big geek. It's real fun to do when you're sipping Knob Creek!

The ghosts of Christmas Future, Present, and Past They all made me laugh, "What a wonderful cast!" The lesson they teach him, like glue it will stick To be really happy, just don't be a dick.

I sipped more whiskey as I looked at the screen It's been a long time since this next film I've seen. I nuke me some popcorn, (I'm not a good chef). Then quickly sit down to start watching "The Ref".

I laugh so hard that my eyes are all teary. This happens with films that star Denis Leary. He plays a thief trapped where he doesn't belong And ol' Kevin Spacey can never do wrong.

The movie plays on as I notice my grin, I start to think, "Wow, what a year it has been." I worked on a movie and had lots of fun. I made some new friends, yes way more than just one!

But this year also made a lot of folks cry, And pop culture icons have started to die. A nation divided by violence and hate, And all under the guise of "making us great."

People gave in to their suspicions and fear In hopes of more money, more safety, more cheer. When seeing injustice, we should raise a fuss But today, all we ask, "What's in it for us?"

Sometimes I get hate when I say what I think. And that my good friends is one reason I drink. I will always make jokes to help numb the pain, They make me feel better and help keep me sane.

So think about this as you go on your way, If I don't make you laugh, then please go away. To those who debate everything that I do, Yourself with a broomstick I wish you would screw.

To all my good friends who just finished this rhyme, May your holiday be a jolly good time. I'm shouting out loud as if making a scene, "Let the next year commence, fuck 2016!"

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