Mike's Night Before Christmas - 2020 Edition

Twas my night before Christmas, when all through my town

Some neighbors were MAGAts, they supported a clown.

Their political sign still stood in their yard

As if their man's loss had left them quite scarred.

A holiday film & a bottle of booze

Would distract me from this & would help me to snooze.

Since I have never seen it before

"It's A Wonderful Life" my eve has in store.

When there on my phone came a shake & a beeping,

I picked it up quickly, some people were sleeping!

I looked at the post, my eyes started to roll.

Today of all days, it's an internet troll?

I went to his profile so that I can block

This waste of good oxygen, a loud mouthed cock.

It's time to relax & enjoy this old movie.

A needed distraction since I've felt rather moody.

A rough year it's been for me & for all,

This raging pandemic has made many fall.

I try to speak out in order to cope.

It's all I can do to cling on to hope.

The stories I see make me pick up my flask.

Because of their freedumbs, they won't wear a mask.

They whine & they moan til their mouth is a froth

They seem to be scared of a small piece of cloth.

I sipped more whiskey as I looked at the screen

It's been a long time since this next film I've seen.

I nuke some popcorn, channel surf past golf.

Then quickly sit down to start watching Rudolph.

One of my favorites since I was a kid

Stop motion animation I wish they still did.

Holiday films can be a bit droll

But this labor of love is just so full of soul.

The movie plays on as I notice my wince,

I ponder what's happened on last Christmas since.

The world has completely turned upside down.

A pandemic still rages across every town.

This year made a lot of folks cry.

Because their loved ones didn't have to die.

Some people ignored all science & reason

While cheering a racist who's guilty of treason.

When seeing injustice, we should raise a fuss

But today, all we ask is, "What's in it for us?"

A nation divided by violence & hate,

And all under the guise of "making us great."

Sometimes I get hate when I say what I think.

And that my good friends is one reason I drink.

I will always make jokes to help numb the pain,

They make me feel better & help keep me sane.

So think about this as you go on your way,

If I don't make you laugh, then please go away.

To those who debate everything that I do,

Yourself with a broomstick I wish you would screw.

To all my good friends who just finished this rhyme,

May your holiday be a jolly good time.

Good health & happiness I hope you have plenty.

Let the next year commence, fuck off 2020!

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